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July 19, 2016  I  VERTEX LONDON



As the old proverb goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” For cyclists, feet have an important role, as they are where the power is delivered to the pedals and ultimately to the road. 


It is normal for cyclists to search for the ideal pair cycling shoes. Most of them know they should always wear padded cycling shorts. They also understand the importance of padded cycling gloves and helmets. But a large number of cyclists underestimate the importance of cycling socks, unaware that they can have an impact on their level of comfort, and ultimately their performance.


According to studies, those who wear ordinary socks as a substitute for cycling socks may not notice a difference over short periods of time, but after a long-distance ride, they will feel muscle pain, which reduces their cycling efficiency and increases perspiration. Many people think this is a consequence of excessive movement, but the real “culprit” is the pair of ordinary socks the rider is wearing.


Well-designed cycling socks are high wicking, breathable and provide muscle support. At Vertex, we build our socks with two different innovative fibers for the inner and outer socks to maximize wicking capabilities, odor control, and comfort. In our reflective collection, we apply the latest reflective technology to our socks and take reflective fashion to a whole new level. (Learn more about our reflective technology)


There are details that can make a huge difference for socks other than material. Let’s break it down more specifically here:



When you are pedaling your bike, your feet are subjected to a lot of pressure, and in time, they become swollen. Thick socks leave little room inside the shoes, which lead to foot pain after a long day of riding. Thanks to the TACTEL® fibers, we can make our socks thin and strong.



Unlike most socks, which contain a visible protruding seam where the toe area of the sock is sewn closed, at Vertex, the ultimate toe closure eliminates the friction and irritation that other socks inflict on the sensitive toe area while riding.


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